Book Review: Voices of Angels by Hannah M Davis

Voices of Angels by Hannah M Davis

Voices of Angels is one of those truly captivating books that you don’t realise just how much the story has hit you until the book ends…

The story centres around the fifteen year old Lizzie Fisher, whose world is turned upside down when she begins to see a black mark hovering over the head of one of her teachers.  The very same teacher dies a week later.  This incident precipitates the seeing of more black marks, indicating the death of those over whom it hovers.  Understandably, such an ability is hard to accept, not to mention frightening and Lizzie is sent to Andalusia to stay with her grandmother.

Lizzie’s mother and grandmother are estranged, and Lizzie has in fact never met her grandmother, Ariadne, nor knows the reason behind the estrangement.  However, as soon as she reaches Andalusia, she feels at home, and her relationship with her grandmother blossoms.  But has the ability to see black marks hovering above the heads of the unsuspecting followed her to Spain?

In Voices of Angels, we accompany Lizzie on a journey of self-discovery, a journey to become normal.  She must overcoming loss, bullying and her own negative self-image; as well as deal with the first, powerful stirrings of love in the form of a talented musician.   It is an emotionally-charged, empowering, inspiring read, one that will leave you knowing that it doesn’t matter how different you are as long as you are true to yourself.  There is a magical, mystical quality to the story, but it’s subtlety strengthens the narrative and draws you in rather than alienates you from it.  And the Spanish scenery and culture is a magnificent backdrop to such a moving tale.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough and wait with baited breath for the sequel.  It is targeted towards a young adult audience, but, in the same way that Twilight, The Hunger Games and Harry Potter appealed to a wider audience, so too does Voices of Angels.

This book is available as a paperback and an ebook from Soul Rocks.


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