Book Review: The Therapist’s Cat by Stephanie Sorrell

The Therapist's Cat by Stephanie Sorrell

When you first read what The Therapist’s Cat is about, you automatically think ‘sounds funny, light-hearted, I’ll give that a go’, but underlying all the humour is a very serious message.  This message speaks of responsibility and cause and effect, and it is one that reminds us that animal cruelty and not showing enough respect for the natural world can have serious consequences.

Pete is bi-polar.  He is also a psychotherapist.  His life changes quickly after being diagnosed with, and then subsequently overcoming cancer, which he celebrates by heading out to the Himalayas, where he meets Emmie with whom he begins a short-lived romance.  Once the relationship ends, Pete is left with a cat Emmie brought home.  Pete doesn’t want a cat – he much prefers dogs.  However, this fabulous cat, named Moo, is a therapist of sorts too, and the relationship between Pete and Moo blossoms.  He soon finds out that he can communicate with Moo and she begins to teach him about evolution and the sad state the world has fallen into.

Moo is a very special cat, so special in fact that most chapters begin with a quote from the ‘Gospel of Moo’, my favourite being:

“Each life form sees God in their own image.  

You humans see God as a Super Human…

whereas we cats see God as a Super Cat.  

But I know for sure that God has Fur.”

 Anyone who has or has ever lived with a cat – I say lived with not owned or looked after deliberately – will see that Stephanie Sorrell has captured the moods and movements, not to mention the intelligence of a cat with a high degree of accuracy.  It is not hard to accept the message that Moo brings, and though we can laugh at the subtle humour throughout the book, we are also aware beneath it all that Moo is right…

This book is available as a paperback and ebook from Soul Rocks.


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