Review of Dosterra by K Esta (serialised fiction – chapters 1-6)

For those of you who have read some of my posts hereabout, you will have come to know that perhaps sci-fi is not my favourite genre of book.  So, when I read an email that arrived in my inbox a few days ago, from the wonderful K Esta asking if I would be willing to review a sci-fi serial, I did pause, briefly, but then thought that I am always willing to give something new a read – why not a sci-fi story?

The story, Dosterra, can be found on a serial fiction site called JukePop Serials.  It is free to sign up to, and stories are published a chapter at a time.  If you like the chapter you have read, you can vote for it, helping to raise the ranking of the story and hopefully the profile of the author! Yay!  You can read the first chapter of a story without signing up, so go and check it out!

The ‘blurb’:

Dosterra is a wintry mining planet. With a monopoly on natural resources and transition technology, it is the undisputed leader of the Earth Origin Colonies. But Lexie has stumbled across something that threatens their dominance. What if their power was built on a lie? On the run, she’s forced to seek the help of Iden, a scientist with the Transition Regulation Centre, though his motives for helping her are unclear.

The story begins dramatically, with a friend of Lexie’s, Tem, turning up at her home bearing some bad news: the authorities are looking for her, and they have to leave immediately. With the aid of some stolen equipment they travel back in time twenty four hours, in the hope that they can avoid being caught.  When Lexie finds out that Iden, a former friend who she believes is responsible for the loss of her job five years previously, is behind the procuring of the equipment, she is not happy.  However, after narrowly avoiding being caught for a second time, Lexie and Tem are forced to go to Iden for help.  Lexie is unsure whether or not they can trust him, but it seems they have no other choice.

Not only was what I have read so far well written but I, a sci-fi newbie, was completely drawn into the story, which given the genre, did surprise me.  The characters were engaging, as was the interplay between them and the descriptions of the places mentioned were vivid.Although I am not an expert in the world of sci-fi, and some of the terminology was beyond my grasp (that, of course, is my own fault, and not the fault of the author) it did not detract from my enjoyment .  The story was pretty fast-paced from the get-go, and I will certainly be checking in to see how Lexie fares in the future.  Currently there are only six chapters available for reading, but I am excited to learn just how the story develops and what K Esta has in store for the characters.

My verdict: definitely worth a go, whether you are a sci-fi fan or not.  I myself, am eagerly anticipating the publishing of the next chapter because the last one ended with quite a bit of suspense.

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