How To Write A Book Review

Of course, these are my personal guidelines, the one’s I use when I write a book review.  They work for me because they reflect what I think a book review should contain.  They might not work for you and they certainly might not reflect what you think makes a good book review.

Ten Pointers to Consider

  1. Be honest
  2. Don’t be offensive (there is a difference between being blunt and rude!)
  3. Concentrate on the positives but…
  4. …if something really doesn’t work in your opinion, don’t be afraid to say it
  5. Would you recommend the book?  To who?
  6. Were the characters believable and engaging?
  7. Was the setting described in enough detail for it to come to life?  Or, on the other hand, was there too much detail?  Did it drown out the storyline?
  8. Pace: was it fast or slow?
  9. Was the storyline engaging?  Did it offer anything new?  Or could you draw any parallels with other books/ characters / themes?
  10. What genre does the book fall into?  Does it fall into one or more categories?

What do you think makes a good book review?


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