Book Review: Cursed (Book One of The Devil’s Roses series) by Tara Brown

The book begins with the main character, Aimee, chasing down her prey, only to run in to someone from her past, someone she can’t bear to see.  This little encounter sets the stage for the majority of the book as we go back in time to learn how she finds herself in this situation.

Aimee’s mother has died in a strange car accident and understandably Aimee is quite depressed.  She is desperate not to forget her mother and so in effect does all she can to stop living so that she can hold on to her mother’s memory.  However, the decision to attend a party all so that her sister, Alise, the most popular girl in school can go, changes the way she sees the world and her place in it.  In fact, it changes everything.

The characters and storyline are both good.  Constant twists and turns keep you wanting to read more. A few typing errors here and there are found throughout the book, and the ending came about pretty quickly, perhaps a little too quickly compared to the pace of the rest of the story, but these do nothing to detract from the overall enjoyment of the plot.

If you like paranormal romance novels, then this book is certainly worth a try.

Book downloaded for free from Smashwords.


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