Book Review: The Wild One by Danelle Harmon

The Wild One is the first book in The de Monteforte Brothers series written by Danelle Harmon, a set of historical romances set during the Regency.

Juliet Paige has travelled from Boston to England to meet the family of Charles, the man to whom she was engaged, and the father of their daughter.  However, he died before they could marry, and now, all alone in the world, that is apart from her young daughter, Juliet decides to cross the ocean and put her faith and trust in the family of the man she so desperately loved.  However, Charles was a de Monteforte, second in line to the dukedom of Blackheath and Juliet was the daughter of a colonial shopkeeper.  She is certainly unsure of the welcome she’ll receive.

Lord Gareth, now second in line to the dukedom of Blackheath after his older brother Charles died in the colonies, continues to do what he does best…drink and joke around as the leader of the Den of Debauchery.  However, that all changes the night that he stops a stagecoach from being robbed, a stagecoach on which Juliet Paige and her daughter are travelling, taking a bullet in the process and becoming a hero overnight.

Through the calculating manipulations of Lucien, the Duke of Blackheath, not to mention the fact that Juliet and Gareth have fallen in love with each other but have yet to acknowledge it, the pair’s fate becomes entwined.

How will they survive?  Will Juliet be rewarded for her courage for travelling such a vast distance alone?  Will Gareth prove himself the responsible and reliable man Juliet needs him to be?

The author brings Georgian England to life with ease; her characters are believable and the storyline engaging from the very first page.  The Wild One is full of action and romance, and I would certainly recommend it to those who enjoy Regency romance stories.


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