Novella Review: Summer Storm by Elizabeth Baxter

Summer Storm is the first book in The Wrath of the Northmen series by Elizabeth Baxter.

Falen is princess of Variss, but she doesn’t act like one.  She is more interested in science than how to rule a kingdom, and her dream is to to gain admittance to the Ral Toran Engineering Academy, much to the disapproval and annoyance of her father the King.

One day, Falen goes up into the mountains around Variss to collect some of the data from her experiments, when she gets caught in a storm.  As she makes her way home, she comes across a man floating in the river, whom she rescues and brings back to the city.

However, she would never have foreseen just what consequences her actions would have, and not just for herself…

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and exploring the world the author has created.  Her characters were engaging (I love the names she chose), and the descriptions brought Variss and the surrounding area to life.

I came across this free novella on Smashwords  and was so glad I did.  I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series to see what happens next…


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