Short Story Review: Sir Thomas and the Abbess Martha by Rosemary Sturge

Sir Thomas and Abbess Martha are both ghosts haunting Mayfield Abbey.  He is boorish, loves money and spends his time counting ‘phantom gold in the strong room of the tower’.  She is virtuous, caring and chooses to remain confined to the original abbey precinct.  They are also harbouring a five hundred year old feud.

Naturally, they don’t get along.

When a television film crew arrive at Mayfield, on the hunt for evidence of ghosts, the two decide to put their differences aside, both agreeing it’s not the sort of thing they want taking place there.

But have they done the right thing?

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story; I even laughed out loud a couple of times as I read it.  It was interesting to read what five hundred year old ghosts might think of ghost hunting, television and celebrities.

The ending felt a little rushed, compared with the pace of the rest of the story, however, it did nothing to detract from my enjoyment of it.  This is a short story I will definitely read again.

This ebook was free to download via Smashwords.


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