ARC Book Review: Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan (Book #1 of Millennium’s Rule Trilogy)

Recently a dream came true…I received a soon-to-be released book written by one of my favourite authors to review!  Thanks so much to the publisher, Orbit/Little, Brown.

So, Thief’s Magic is the first book in Trudi Canavan’s new series, Millennium’s Rule trilogy, and follows the separate stories of Tyen and Rielle.

Tyen Ironsmelter is a student of archaeology and sorcery at the Academy.  He lives in a world that uses magic as a commodity to power machines, but rumour has it that the magic in this world is running out.  Whilst he is exploring an old tomb, he uncovers a book named Vella, who was once a woman.  But this book is special; she is a magical book. As soon as anyone touches her, she knows everything they know.  However, this discovery has the potential to change his life forever.

Rielle Lazuli lives in a world where magic belongs to the angels.  Only priests, who can perform the cleansing rituals to purify themselves of the taint, are allowed to use magic.  To use magic when it’s not permitted is considered stealing from the angels, and the tainted are pursued until they are caught and then severely punished.  If you can see stain, the tell-tale sign that magic has been used, citizens are supposed to inform the priests because if you can see it, then you possess the potential to work magic.  And Rielle can see it, a fact that she wants kept hidden at all costs.

I loved The Black Magician Trilogy by the same author, and I did wonder whether this book could live up to expectations, but there was no need to worry at all.  Thief’s Magic was quite simply, amazing.  I love Trudi Canavan’s writing style; it is fluid and descriptive without being too heavy, enabling you to get lost in the story.

I enjoyed the fact that magic, it’s uses and the laws that governed it, were different where Tyen and Rielle came from.  The characters were very engaging and they, along with the worlds they inhabited were believably brought to life by the vivid descriptions provided…all-in-all, Thief’s Magic is everything a great fantasy read should be and more!

I highly recommend it to all fans of fantasy fiction, and can’t wait for the next instalment in the Millennium’s Rule trilogy to be released.  What I am not looking forward to, however, is the wait!


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