Book Review: Sepulchre by James Herbert

“There is a house called Neath that holds a dark and terrible secret…”

This is the first line of the blurb, and it had me hooked as soon as I read it.  This dark tale centres around a strange psychic named Felix Kline who is the success behind new acquisitions and rights in a mineral company.  When his life comes under threat, Liam Halloran, a bodyguard is called in to protect him.  However nothing is as it seems, and the longer Halloran is working the assignment, the stranger things become.

It’s not until they leave the city and go and stay at Kline’s country estate, Neath, that Halloran comes to realise just how weird things are; up until this point he just thinks that they do not want to do everything by the book.  But just what is going on at Neath?  What is the evil that lurks there? And who are the odd characters that Kline has hand-picked to surround himself with?

It’s not long before Halloran is trying to determine what’s real and what’s illusion.

The story is fast-paced, with just enough back story to explain how everyone ends up at Neath at that moment in time.  They each have their own terrible secrets that they don’t want to share…

This perhaps isn’t my favourite book written by the author.  However, that being said, I did struggle to put the book down.  I had no clue as to how the book was going to end, something that was maintained right up to the final few pages, and not many authors can achieve that successfully.  Definitely worth a read if you are a James Herbert fan, or a fan of horror fiction.


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