Book Review: The Babylon Rite by Tom Knox

Bizarre, disturbing yet compelling reading…

An Australian journalist, Adam Blackwood, who is working on his final story for a newspaper, visits Rosslyn Chapel where he meets famous Templar historian, Professor Archie McLintock.  Minutes later, the professor commits suicide, but was it suicide?  Adam and the professor’s daughter, Nina, begin a search for the truth.

Meanwhile, American anthropologist, Jessica Silverton, is working on a dig in Peru, studying the Moche, a people known for their brutality.  But when things start becoming dangerous at the dig site, Jess begins to wonder just what exactly they have uncovered.

And so begins a journey that spans Europe and South America, one that leads Adam and Jess ultimately into the very heart of the Amazon rainforest, as they fight to survive and discover the secret that links both the Templars and the Moche.

The book is obviously well-researched and the number of different threads to the story flow together nicely.  The descriptions of the numerous sites and locations visited by the characters as the story progresses are detailed and vivid.  There are number of twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing what the outcome will be, and on the whole, the story was fast-paced, if a little gorey.


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