Short Story Review: The Regent’s Park Murder by Baroness Orczy

The Regent’s Park Murder is one of a number of short stories by Baroness Orczy to feature crimes solved by an armchair detective, known only as The Old Man in the Corner.

The stories take place in a well-to-do tearoom in London, where The Old Man in the Corner explains to Miss Polly Burton the latest case he believes he has solved, whilst playing with a tattered piece of knotted string.

In The Regent’s Park Murder The Old Man in the Corner proceeds to explain to Polly his theory as to who murdered Mr Aaron Cohen in Regent’s Park, a stones throw away from his home, one very foggy London night.  This is a crime that the police have failed to solve, and he is quite pleased with himself as he thinks he has succeeded where they could not.  So, he is more than happy to share his conclusions with Polly Burton.

This is the first of The Old Man in the Corner stories that I have read.

I loved the language and charm of this short story; it brought Edwardian London and the people of this period to life, with elegance and ease.  However, there are no surprises or twists in the story here; only a gentle-paced, cosy mystery.

This short story was found in Great Crime Stories by Chancellor Press.


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