Book Review: Assassin (The Lady Grace Mysteries) by Grace Cavendish

Lady Grace Cavendish is a Maid of Honour to Queen Elizabath I.  At the St. Valentine’s Ball Lady Grace must choose from one of the three suitors that the Queen has picked for her.  However, when one of them ends up dead and another suspected of the murder, Lady Grace decides to investigate.

To help her in her search for the truth, her two trusted friends, Masou, a member of the Queen’s dancing troupe and Ellie, a laundrymaid, do all they can to assist her enquiries.

During the course of the story we are given a glimpse into the life of those who lived and worked at the Court of Queen Elizabeth I, as well as a brief look at London at the time.

The story is told through the diary entries in Lady Grace’s ‘daybooke’.

This series, written by Patricia Finney writing as Grace Cavendish, is a great introduction to the Elizabethan world, and one readers of all ages would enjoy.  The historical detail is accurate and the story enjoyable.  At the end of the book there was a glossary of terms used in the story which not only was useful, but also very interesting.

A thoroughly enjoyable quick read.


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