Indie Only Update

Trust that as soon as I decide to set myself a reading challenge that is supposed to last the entire month, a million and one things crop up!

Now, the majority of these ‘things’ are my own fault, and based around my own writing (if your interested to learn exactly what these things are, check out my writing blog here.   Hint: it might have something to do with my series, The Andromache Jones Mysteries).

Rest assured that I have only been reading Indie authored / published stories this month, and hopefully over the next few days or so, I will begin to get my reviews posted here.

I am still aiming to have at least eight reviews in total for ‘Indie Only’ month and I have currently got four reads under my belt.  It’s not outstanding, but it is in line with my usual reading pace.

If you have any recommendations for Indie Only month, please comment below or use the form on the ‘Contact Me’ page.



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