Book Review: The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

This is the first book in The Fallen Star series by Jessica Sorensen.

Life for Gemma has been very lonely for nearly the entirety of her eighteen years.  Incapable of feeling any emotions, she had no friends and made no connections with people.  Even her grandparents who raised her, after her parents had died in a car crash when she was very small, are distant and cold towards her.

However, for some unknown reason, things have started to change.  Slowly her emotions are awakening.  When a new boy, Alex, starts school, things start getting strange.  Whenever he is near, Gemma’s skin buzzes with electricity.  She can’t explain it but from the way Alex behaves around her, he can’t stand to be anywhere near her.

When the nightmare Gemma has been having for the past couple of months begins to creep into her waking life, she thinks she is going mad.  However, she soon begins to learn the truth of her life, and of what is going on all around her.

I found The Fallen Star to be an enjoyable read on the whole, although I thought there were little patches which felt a little repetitive.  However, that couldn’t prevent me from wanting to find out what happened to Gemma.

The world that the author has created has depth and complexity; layers and threads are slowly revealed to the reader at the exact point when they need to know about them.  The story isn’t bogged down with excessive information and detail, helping it to flow nicely.

It was certainly well worth a read 🙂


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