Short Story Review: Seeing Eye by Patricia Briggs

Moira Keller is a blind, hereditary witch who hires her witchy services out in the city she lives in, Seattle.  Amongst the supernatural community she is well-known for her abilities.

The night before Samhain, Moira receives an unexpected visitor in the middle of the night.  His name is Tom Franklin, a werewolf, whose brother, Jon, is a cop.  Tom has sought Moira out because he believes that while his brother was working undercover he was kidnapped by a group called Samhain.

The group is one Moira has come across before.  Samhain is lead by a man named Kouros, who Moira has a little unfinished business with.  It is because of this that Moira decides to help Tom find his brother, before it is too late, and regardless of the danger involved.  And there is a lot of it.

I enjoyed reading this paranormal short story; it offered something different to other paranormal shorts that I have read.

I liked the two main characters – Moira and Jon.  Their personalities were strong and independent and yet they interacted very well together.  They – especially Moira – also had enough of a back story to make the characters, and the story itself, interesting.

The characters were well-supported by the setting of the story and the locations visited, as well as the depth of detail that the author managed to work into the narrative with regards to supernatural background.

I recommend this short stort to those who enjoy paranormal fiction.  It is definitely worth a read for those who like the genre.

This short story was found in Strange Brew, ed. P.N. Elrod.

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