Short Story Review: The Bird Woman by H. Spicer

A woman places an advertisment stating that she is seeking employment, specifically in the caring of someone who is infirm or invalided, or who is considered to be a lunatic.  The advert is answered and a meeting arranged at the house in question, a place that looks deserted, haunted.

The girl is a little unnerved by the place, which she later finds out is called the haunted house by locals, but she rings the bell anyway.  The door is answered by the mistress of the house, and the girl is admitted.  The lady proceeds to relay a number of warnings to the girl, after which she asks that given all she has heard, does she reconsider?

By this point, the girl, who is of a sensible nature, is quite curious as to who lives in the house, and who it is she will be caring for.  So the mistress invites her to meet her new charge.

But what mystery does the haunted house contain?  And will the girl take the job after all?

An interesting, (very) quick read, but one that could have done with a little more detail and a little less pace at the start of the story. The description in the second half of the story was enough to envisage what the mystery of the house looked like.

This short story was found in Great Crime Stories by Chancellor Press.


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