Book Review: Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

Wizard’s First Rule is the first book in The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.

Richard Cypher is a wood’s guide in Westland, a land without magic, where his brother, Michael has just been made First Councilor.  Recently, their father, George Cypher, a trader in rare and old items, was murdered.  Richard who was very close to his father, is determined to find who killed him.

Westland is seperated from the next land over, The Midlands, a collection of independent Kingdoms, by the Boundary, a magical border put in place to keep magic out, because the world beyond it is full of magic.  However, the Boundary is failing, the proof of which arrives in Richard Cypher’s life in the form of Kaylan, who he helps to rescue after he sees her running through the woods, pursued by a group of men intent on killing her.

But the news she carries with her, and the task she is required to fulfill, is tremendous and has lasting implications for many, both sides of the Boundary.  And so, Richard knowing the full weight of her task, offers to help her in any way and for as long as he can…

This book is epic fantasy storytelling at it’s best.  It is complex and full of intricately woven threads.  As you move through the book, the world the author has created begins to slowly unfold.  The narrative is full of such depth and detail which is shared through rich and vivid, often extensive description.

The character list is both vast and diverse, and again, depth of character is immediately apparent here.

Of course, with a story as long as this one, there are parts that I enjoyed reading more than the others, but it is very clever how the author manages to bring together the very many different threads and sub-plots into one neat whole.

Love, heartbreak, loss, secrets, treachery, intrigue, murder, gore, violence, magic…this book has everything.

This is not the first time I have read this book and with each reading, as with any epic-length book, you uncover something new or remember a part that you had forgotten.  I certainly enjoyed rediscovering this book, and am looking forward to re-reading the next in the series, Stone of Tears.

One more thing…the Wizard’s First Rule from which the book takes it’s name – very funny and quite often very true 🙂

Highly recommended if you enjoy fantasy fiction.


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