Short Story Review: Last Call by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden just wants a quiet drink after a hard day’s work, but when he arrives at McAnnally’s pub it is clear he is not going to get it.  On walking through the door, he finds that all the regulars, who belong to Chicago’s supernatural community, are all unconscious and sprawled out all over the place.

When Dresden locates Mac, the pub’s owner, bloodied and beaten besides the bar, he learns that all the customers went crazy all at once.

It is Harry Dresden’s job to find out why, before things start to get out of hand.

Last Call is a short, interesting read that successfully blends crime fiction with magic and the paranormal.  The pace of the story moves along nicely, and the detail provided to describe the people and places is enough to bring the story to life without slowing it down.

This short story was found in Strange Brew, ed. P.N. Elrod.


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