Short Story Review: The Interruption by W.W. Jacobs

A man has a terrible secret, one that will certainly see him hanged if it ever comes to light.  However, his cook implies that she knows what it is that he has done, but she will keep his secret – if he ups her wages.  What follows is a battle of wills as the cook keeps asking for more and more in return for her silence, whilst the man wonders how he can get rid of her without everything coming out.

But who will crack first?

The Interruption is a short story packed full of suspense.  The characters were engaging as they went about their ways of trying to outsmart the other.  Compared to the rest of the story, the ending felt a little weak.  So much suspense had been injected into the beginning and the middle that I found myself wondering how it was going to end.  It felt like it was building to something, and it was, only it wasn’t the something I had been expecting.  An interesting story nonetheless.

This short story was found in Great Crime Stories by Chancellor Press.

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