Short Story Review: Justice is Served by Angela P. Wade

Justice is Served is a short story in the Edward Red Mage Mystery series by Angela P. Wade.

Edward Red Mage is in the Snake and Egg Tavern run by landlady Sadie Brewer, when a colourfully dressed, bejewelled lady walks through the door.  The strange woman, Zora, is looking for Edward; his reputation as a great sorcerer has reached her ears and she needs his help.  She thinks the Baron Hubert of Portsmouth has been poisoned.

But can Edward help?  It soon transpires that things are a little more complicated than they seem as the Baron had only married a few hours before his death and the one slinging the accusations just so happens to have been his mistress…

The setting for the story (and indeed the series) is intriguing; a fictional world heavily influenced by the Middle Ages and fantasy.  The storyline is also interesting for the death of the Baron was inspired by a real-life event.  The background detail was enough to explain about the world the author had created without becoming too heavy, and Edward Red Mage as a character certainly captures the imagination.

I downloaded this short story for free from Smashwords.


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