Book Review: Not In My Job Description by Amber Lynn

Not In My Job Description is the first of the Avery Clavens novels by Amber Lynn.

Avery Clavens lives in New York City and works as a computer specialist for a government agency, only no one she knows outside of work knows it.  Her family and friends all think she works in a library.

Avery’s life is pretty uneventful, which is just the way she likes it.  She goes to work, she comes home.  She goes to the gym, she comes home.  She watches hockey and periodically meets up with her best friend, Frannie.  That is Avery’s life: ordered and simple.

But things are about to change.  A blind date and a surprising twist in a case she has been working on will turn Avery’s life upside down.  Her quiet, boring existence is about to become far more complicated than she is used to.

I enjoyed reading Not In My Job Description.  Avery’s story was captivating and I couldn’t help but wonder how things were going to turn out for her.  The plot and subplots worked well and came together in spectacular fashion.  The pace of the story was good, but I found it a little word-heavy in places, but that didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of it.  The characters were interesting, and on the whole believable, making it an interesting first book in a series, one that makes you want to continue reading to see what happens next.

I downloaded a copy of Not In My Job Description by Amber Lynn for free from Smashwords.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Just Another Day At the Office.


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