Book Review: Home for Christmas by Melissa McClone

Rachel Murphy is an expert baker who is currently going through a tough time.  Usually, her over-protective brother visits her in Arizona for Christmas, but this year, Rachel just needs to get away.  After a run of bad luck in business where her ideas have been stolen by those who are supposed to be her friends, she instead goes to stay with her brother in Montana.

Whilst in Montana Rachel plans to save her dream of one day owning her own bakery.  To finance this she is going to make and sell gingerbread houses.  When her brother’s boss Nate offers her the use of his kitchen on the ranch, she gets more than she bargained for.  With a head for business, Nate tries to help Rachel, but after all she has been through, she’s not in a particularly trusting mood.

Will Nate be able to convince Rachel to trust him? Is her brother over-protective for a reason?  Can she really finance her dream with the sale of gingerbread houses?  And most importantly, with emotions running high, is Rachel in for a happy Christmas?

This was a really sweet, captivating, romantic read.  I loved this story.  It really brought the season to life and inspired me to feel really Christmassy.  I also wanted to bake gingerbread – a lot! 🙂 I can imagine that this will be a story I read every Christmas.

It was easy to connect with the characters in this story, and as it unfolds I found I was hoping that Rachel was going to get a happy ending.  The setting was evocative and really helped to set the scene and the season, and the romance was charming.  I would definitely read more by this author.

A thoroughly enjoyable festive read that I struggled to put down.

I downloaded a copy of this book for free from Smashwords.


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