Book Review: Memory House by Bette Lee Crosby

Ophelia Browne, who runs The Memory House Bed and Breakfast, has a rare gift.  She can feel memories attached to objects and has spent her life collecting and caring for these special items.  But she is nearly ninety and has no one to pass this responsibility on to.

Annie Cross’s boyfriend has left her.  Fleeing Philadelphia, if only for a day or two, she turns up on the doorstep of The Memory House Bed and Breakfast, and instantly, Ophelia thinks she has found the right person to share her gift.

Over the coming weeks, the two grow close.  At first, Annie is sceptical of the old woman’s story of memories attaching themselves to objects, but she quickly realises she is right.

But has Ophelia done the right thing in sharing her secret?  When Annie stumbles across a memory filled with violence and danger, Ophelia is left to wonder if things have gone too far…

I was looking for something different to read when I stumbled across this book.  From its description it sounded intriguing but I did wonder whether it was the type of book I would enjoy.  Any way, after a short deliberation I decided to give it a go and I’m pleased I did.

Memory House is a moving, emotional read, one that I was drawn into almost instantly.  Both Annie Cross and Ophelia Browne are interesting characters whose stories are engaging.  It has a very gentle, easy to read narrative that sweeps you along with the story.

It was such a unique read with an unusual storyline, meaning that I didn’t know what to expect at any point of the book.  I couldn’t guess how it would end or even what would be revealed in the following chapter.  This kept the story fresh and my interest piqued.

My only criticism is that I felt it ended too abruptly for my liking, hence my rating of 4/5 over at Goodreads.

A gem of a read.  I was hooked from beginning to end.


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