Book Review: The Dead Girls’ Dance by Rachel Caine

the dead girls dance front coverThe Dead Girls’ Dance is book two in The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine.

Things just go from bad to worse (or from weird to absolutely horrible) for Claire Danvers.  After discovering the town where Texas Prairie University is located, the university that she is enrolled in, is filled with vampires, she can hardly believe that things can still get worse.  But they do, and this time the problem doesn’t stem from a creature of the night, rather more mundanely a gang of human vampire-hunters led by her friend and house mate’s dad, Frank Collins.

The peace in Morganville is a very fragile thing and the group, Claire, Eve, Michael and Shane, have already caused enough ripples to get themselves noticed by everyone.  This latest twist is sure to test everyone’s loyalty, not just to the town, but also to each other.

The Dead Girls’ Dance follows straight on from where Glass Houses, book one in the series, left off, and my!  The story begins with a bang.  The energy and pace of the book keep the story moving nicely, and the dynamics between the friends as they are faced with danger is certainly engaging.

Not much about the series is predictable and I must say that I found reading it addictive.  I think I read the first six or seven books in two weeks and I would have read more but I starting to forget where in the storyline one book ended and the next began.

As YA Paranormal / vampire fiction goes, this series is interesting and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to fans of the genre.

I will posting the review of the third book in the series, Midnight Alley, soon.


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