Book Review: Feast of Fools by Rachel Caine

feast of fools front coverFeast of Fools is the fourth book in the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine.

Morganville, that strange Texas town where humans and vampires live together in relative…sort of…peace, has a new arrival.  Mr Bishop.  His name sounds harmless enough…unless you know who he is.  An ancient and powerful vampire who clings to the way things used to be, at least in terms of vampire superiority and humans knowing their place, Mr Bishop isn’t interested in getting along.  With anyone.  Not even his own daughter, it seems.

That might have something to do with the fact that Amelie, Morganville’s founder, did try to kill her father once and he isn’t the type to forgive and forget.  And when Mr Bishop and his dangerous entourage, including the sexy, seductive Ysandre and the handsome Francois, roll into town, it’s not to play nice.  It’s to take over.

With these outsiders in their midst, the town of Morganville is going to have to rally together if it’s to survive.  And yet, some might think that this is the perfect opportunity to see the town fall…for good.

Each book in the series follows on directly from where the previous one left off.  This is probably the reason why I read the first seven books in one go, as if they were volumes of the same story rather than separate books.  And, the only thing that persuaded me to stop reading the series was that I had not written any of the reviews and knew that when I did get round to doing it, I would struggle to remember where one book ended and the next began!  Any way…

I enjoyed this instalment of the series.  It was interesting to read how the dynamics and tension in Morganville altered to accommodate the outside threat presented by the old school vampires of Mr Bishop.  It also served to show which residents (both human and vampire alike) were loyal to this new concept of co-existing together and who was simply using circumstances to further their own ends.

My favourite characters so far have to be Sam Glass and Myrnin.  However, the story always really lies with the occupants of the Glass House, and no matter what, no matter how they try to avoid it, they always seem to be in the middle of the trouble.  Whilst reading this series, I am often reminded of the saying: the road to hell is paved with good intentions, only in this case, the destination isn’t hell but Morganville.

I also thought that the added presence of Mr and Mrs Danvers, Claire’s parents, who have also now turned up in Morganville, added to the drama.  Of course, they have no idea of what is going on around them and so Claire is almost playing the parent with them in order to keep them safe.

All-in-all, another engaging read.

I will be posting the review of the fifth book in the series, Lord of Misrule, soon.


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