Short Story Review: Real Lies by Liana Brooks

When a dead body turns up in La Jolla Cove, Kristin’s Saturday morning lie-in is ruined.  As rescue divers, Kristin and her partner are called out to recover the body.

Only, when they are out on the water, things suddenly and unexpectedly change…

Real Lies is an interesting short story, perfect for a coffee-break or lunch-time read.

The author manages to get a lot into the short space of the story, including enough description to set the scene and enough characterisation that the reader can imagine Kristin and what is going on around her.  I am usually quite good at predicting twists in storylines but the one in this short story came as a total surprise.  I didn’t see that coming at all.

This was a very quick read with a great twist.  I recommend giving this a read; the twist on its own will make it worth it.

I downloaded a copy of Real Lies by Liana Brooks for free from Smashwords.


3 thoughts on “Short Story Review: Real Lies by Liana Brooks

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  2. I just zipped over to Smashwords and read it, and you’re right, it was a great read. She packed so much description and character into such a short story, I’m impressed!

    I really should spend more time on Smashwords. That’s a pretty cool site. Thanks for inspiring me to go there!

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