Short Story Review: The Dragon Maker by Elizabeth Baxter

Far off in the future, art is dead.  Some believe that it is no longer needed for technology provides all one could wish for.  But one man, the world’s last artist, is trying to save the world with one of his paintings.  But can one painting really change anything?

This was a very interesting fantasy read, with overtones of a dystopian, end-of-the-world theme running in the background.  This subplot was nicely filtered through the story, revealing a little bit here and little bit there as the story unfolded but never eclipsing the artist and his art.

I was quite struck that there was only the one last surviving artist to be found in the world, as well as how art and being creative was perceived in this society.  The question about how much one should suffer for their art also arises; if one needs complete isolation to bring a creative work to life, is being alone worth it in the end?

I found this short story very engaging and very unique in its story line.  The description, especially of the painting, had a way of pulling you further into the story.  I don’t think I have read anything quite like this before, making it a refreshing read.

This was definitely an interesting short story and it had a dragon.  I love dragons.

I downloaded a copy of The Dragon Maker by Elizabeth Baxter for free from Smashwords.


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