Reading Challenges Update

So, it’s the last day of July, meaning here at Sammi Loves Books, it is the last day of Indie Only Month.  I read and reviewed six stories this month, a few less than I was expecting / hoping, meaning I didn’t get around to a few books that were recommended to me.  However, they have been added to my “To be bought” or “To be read” lists and hopefully I will get around to them later this year. (To see what books I did get manage to read and review, see Indie Only Month 2016)

But we (yes, the royal “we”) are not glum to be leaving Indie Only Month behind us.  Why?  Because August is Historical Fiction Month.  Hurrah!

Historical Fiction Month

The first Historical Fiction Month was held in 2014 and this year I already have a gem or two reviews that I am planning to share.

So, if you have any requests or recommendations, please get in touch!  For more information, check out the Historical Fiction Month page or Review Requests.


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