Book Review: Jingle Spells edited by Heather Marie Adkins (part 2)

Here’s the second part of my review of the CyberWitch Press anthology, Jingle Spells.  If you missed part one, you can check it out here.

Molly by Brittany White

Molly has had a tough life. Now living on the streets, she is in a bad way.  When she is held at knife-point and robbed in a dark alley, she is saved by a stranger, who realises what she is.  But if he knows, others will too. There’s no way Molly can imagine the danger she is in…or how special she is…

As I read this short story I couldn’t help but feel for poor Molly.  She’s had such a hard time – I had to keep reading just to see how things turned out for her.  An engaging read.

Holiday Dreams by K. Laslie

Ayden is quite different and always has been.  He dreams things that eventually come true.  It’s a secret he’s never been able to share, and so he’s kept it to himself for years.  But one winter the dreams change and what he is shown scares him.  Is he going to be able to deal with what he has seen this time?

I liked this story; it’s different, and Ayden is a character one can easily empathise with.  His story is a hard one, made harder because of his “gift” but it was interesting to read how Ayden developed throughout the tale.  A compelling read.

The Witch’s Brew by Heather Maria Adkins

Daiya runs “The Witch’s Brew”, a coffee shop in Tates Creek, where she adds a little bit of magic to each drink she brews for her customers.  On the way home from work one night, Daiya discovers the body of a murdered man in the woods.  But who is he?  And who has killed him?

I loved this story, and if I was in Tates Creek I would definitely be getting my hot drinks and pastries from “The Witch’s Brew”.  Daiya is a great main character and my kind of witch – magical and practical.  The supporting cast are great too, as is the setting.  A thoroughly captivating read.

So that wraps up my review of the anthology.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  All the stories were quite different, and I would certainly like to read more from each of the authors in the future.  I am honoured to have my work appear amongst theirs.  You can download a copy of Jingle Spells for FREE via Smashwords, by following this link.


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