Bookish Reflections – April 2017

A monthly round up of all things bookish at Sammi Loves Books…It’s my attempt at becoming more accountable in my reading and reviewing habits…

In a nutshell

Another bout of the flu and Camp NaNoWriMo have perhaps slowed my reading rate this month, but at least it has meant that I have caught up with the books I’ve been waiting to review.  I’m still behind on replying to review requests, and I’m wondering if in the future an email account dedicated to “Sammi Loves Books” would help with this.  Any ideas or thoughts gratefully received!  So, let’s take a look at what I’ve been up to book-wise, this month…

Books I’ve reviewed

Favourite read of the month

Inquisition by Alfredo Colitto

Books I’ve bought

  • A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold by George R.R. Martin

Books I’ve downloaded

None this month.  I’m getting good at this, though I do need to start reading some of the ebooks I have already downloaded.  I seem to be completely focused on actual, real books at the moment.

Book review requests I’ve accepted

Still behind with email responses 😦  May will  be the month everything gets back on track – I’m determined to make it so!

What I’ve been reading on Wattpad

March’s “What I’m reading and reviewing next month” goals

What I’m reading and reviewing next month

  • Guenevere: The Queen of the Summer Country by Rosalind Miles (read but not yet reviewed)
  • The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Alexander McCall Smith
  • The Lord of the Flies by William Golding
  • The Shrine by Ben Kane

There are a few other books sitting on my bookshelves that I have my eye on too 🙂

Goodreads Reading Challenge

My goal is 57.  I have read 15.  26% complete.  Currently 3 books behind schedule.

Other reads (books not on Goodreads) : 1

Total books read so far this year: 16



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