Poetry Book Review: The Silence Between Moonbeams by Sarah Doughty

Summary (from Goodreads)

The Silence Between Moonbeams is about life — not always romantic, and not always easy, but often beautiful.

Everything is a product of the universe, the one thing about life we all share. It binds us together not only on a cellular level, but it’s also quintessential to the human condition. Thoughts, feelings, triumphs, love, loss, and much more are covered throughout these pages.

Discover what it feels like to live.

Favourite Quote

Let’s paint the stars

with our fingertips


I knew I was already a fan of Sarah’s poetry before downloading a copy of The Silence Between Moonbeams because I follow her blog, and this collection of poems has ensured that won’t change anytime soon.

This was a powerful, beautiful, emotive read, full of honest words and raw emotions. As I moved through the poems, I couldn’t help but admire the strength of the one writing them.  The focus of the poems is a subject close to my heart: the night sky.  Stars, the moon, constellations, galaxies and more are mentioned as the author uses poetry to help with her complex PTSD.

The poems are often short, with a crispness softened with sentiment, that left me thinking before moving on to the next.  I liked how the poetry was broken up by short blocks of text, giving the reader space to process the words being read.  Although I couldn’t pick just one poem as a favourite, for the words of many of them resonated with me, the final line of “Burning Twilight” struck a chord.  “Run free, feel the wind upon your face, and never forget to howl at the moon,” is one line that has stayed with me since I read it.

There is no doubt, this is an inspiring poetry collection, one that I will return to, again and again.


I downloaded a copy of The Silence Between Moonbeams for free via Smashwords


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