Book Review: Death at a Drop-In by Elizabeth Spann Craig

Death at A Drop-In is the fifth book in the Myrtle Clover Mysteries by Elizabeth Spann Craig.

Summary (from Goodreads)

Cosette Whitlow is a society matron…if tiny Bradley, North Carolina, has one. She kindly volunteers for all the town’s charities, but isn’t nearly as kind to her own family, neighbors, and friends. In fact, Cosette is emphatically disliked by much of the town—including octogenarian Myrtle Clover. And Myrtle knows that dislike in Bradley can quickly turn deadly.

No one seems surprised when Cosette’s body is discovered during a party she’s hosting—she was struck on the head with a croquet mallet. Wanting to restore order to the small town, Myrtle resolves to track down the killer—before the killer strikes again.

Favourite Quotes

Two knitting related quotes – I couldn’t chose between them 🙂


“Knitting makes me feel old.  It made me feel old when I was twenty and doing it.”


“Well, I like to snoop more than I like to knit, that’s for sure.”



I wanted something light and fun and easy to dip in and out of while participating in NaNoWriMo (and yay! I finished the challenge on the 24th November!  Woohoo!), and this fit the bill perfectly.  I love Myrtle.  She’s great and has a wonderful attitude to life.  And, just like Miss Marple, people assume her to be old and doddering rather than sharp and alert – more fool them!

As the for other characters around her – Miles, Red, Erma, Wanda – they are also entertaining.  The story line is easy to follow and allows you to easily immerse yourself in what’s going on.  This quick read is well-paced and there is enough humour to put a smile on the face of the reader.

Although this book is number five in the series it reads just as well as a stand alone novel (the only other Myrtle Clover Mystery I have read is A Body in the Backyard which is the fourth book in the series).

This character / series / author has been one of my great bookish finds of 2017, and I’m looking forward to reading more. If you enjoy cosy mysteries, I recommend you take at look the Myrtle Clover Mysteries.  They’re just so much fun.



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