Book Review: Winter Prey by T.M. Simmons

Winter Prey is the first book in the Northwood Prey series by T.M. Simmons.

Quick Review (read on for full review)

An engaging read, full of vivid descriptions and interesting characters.  I would definitely read this again. 4 / 5

Summary (from Goodreads)

Terrified she will harm hew newly-adoped daughter in the throes of a PTSD flashback, Kymbria James travels to the far Northwood of Minnesota to work with a Native American healer. As the monster captures one after another tribal member and drags each off to its lair, Kymbria is forced into the quest to destroy it. She must confront both her emotional situation and the monster only she can eradicate…if she can find the courage.

Favourite Quote

You are not sure of your own strength.  None of us are.


I enjoyed this book.  Although to begin with I found it to be a slow burn, it gathered pace the more I read, until eventually I couldn’t put it down.

Kymbria is an interesting character.  She is strong and independent, and her determination in the face of adversity is inspiring.  As for the other characters, Caleb’s history makes him the perfect addition to the story, and there is an air of mystery surrounding the Native American healer, Keoman.

The storyline was gripping.  Not only must Kymbria come to terms with the fact that a monster – a Windigo – from her people’s mythology is real, but when it takes an interest in her personally, she must deal with it along with all the other drama going on in her life.

There is plenty of vivid description throughout the story, bringing the landscape in which it is set to life.  I could clearly imagine what was taking place and where as I read.  The dialogue was realistic, and the storyline, even though it contained elements of the paranormal and a mythical creature, was believable.

My only criticism is the ending.  I felt the story ended too abruptly and though one story line was satisfactorily resolved, another was only hinted at.  As it’s the first book in the series, there is a potential for this to be tackled in the next book.

The second book in the Northwood Prey series is Silent Prey.  I’ve added it to my TBR.

A great read, one I would recommend to those who enjoy paranormal mysteries.




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