Short Story Review: The Taking by Stan Nicholls

Quick Review (read on for full review)

An interesting short story, offering further insight into the world of The Wolverines.  4 / 5


It’s Braetagg’s Day, a day of festivities for Orcs, but when the focal point of the celebrations goes missing, there’s only one place to turn if the day is to be rescued before word gets out regarding what’s happened: The Wolverines.  To make things even harder for the elite warband, they have a new member in the ranks, having only joined The Wolverines that very morning.  Will their inclusion help or hinder the mission?

Favourite Quote

‘Humans were eating the magic.’

(From The Taking by Stan Nicholls, pg 693)


I’m reading the omnibus edition of the Orcs: First Blood trilogy, (Bodyguard of Lightning (see my review here), Legion of Thunder (see review here) and Warriors of the Tempest (review here)) which also included this short story, The Taking, and I have reviewed each of the stories separately.

This short story is set before the start of the Orcs: First Blood trilogy.  It’s Corporal Coilla’s first day in The Wolverines.  As the only female orc in the warband, I find her character intriguing.  She’s strong and intelligent and one of my favourite characters from the trilogy.  I was also pleased to find included in the story the other characters from the three novels I’d already read, especially Jup and Alfray, another two of my favourites.

This was a fantastic short story that showed another dimension to the Orcs, offering more cultural background to their race and the world they live in.  Once again, there was plenty of fast-paced action and the storyline did not disappoint.  It was engaging and entertaining and has only further ensured I continue on reading this series.

The Taking is perfect for those already familiar with the setting and the characters.  I found it to be an interesting, insightful read, which only added to my enjoyment of the series and the world in which it is set.  Sometimes short stories can fall flat if they follow on from high energy, full length novels which are full of adventure because there just isn’t the space within the word limit to emulate the bigger storylines and subplots.  That isn’t a problem here.

All-in-all, this was a great read and a wonderful addition to the Orcs series of stories.



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