Favourite Books from 5 Years of Indie Only Month

For my first bookish-themed post for Indie Only Month 2019, I thought I would look back at some of my favourite reads from previous years.  I’ve been dedicating the month of July to indie authors and indie publishers since 2014, and from looking at the books listed below, the challenge has helped me to discover some great book series over the last five years…

Indie Only Month 2014

One of my favourite reads from Indie Only Month 2014 was Amanda Hocking’s Hollowland.  Self-published before attaining almost* every writers dream – getting discovered by a traditional publisher – this book introduced me to her work.

[* I say almost, because I’m aware there are plenty of indie authors out there who are not only happy remaining in control of their writer career, but who are also very success at it.]

You can read my review of Hollowland here.

Indie Only Month 2015

In 2015 I discovered Amber Lynn’s Avery Clavens series. For that year’s Indie Only Month, I read the first two books, Not In My Job Description and Just Another Day at the Office.  Here’s a quote from my review of Book 1:

The plot and subplots worked well and came together in spectacular fashion.

I remember bits and pieces from this series (most notably that, for some reason, I didn’t read the last book), but the quote above has persuaded me that it might be a good idea to go back and re-read it from beginning to end.

You can read my review of Not In My Job Description here, and Just Another Day At The Office here.

Indie Only Month 2016

It was during Indie Only Month 2016 that I read, reviewed and fell in love with the Earthen Witch books by Sarah Doughty, reading Just Breathe and Focus, and ensuring that the following Indie Only Month, I read the third book in the series, Listen.

You can read my review of Just Breathe here, and Focus here.

Indie Only Month 2017

2017’s challenge month introduced me to Elizabeth Spann Craig’s Myrtle Clover mysteries, one of my favourite cosy mystery series.  Each year since, I have read and reviewed – and thoroughly enjoyed – one book from the series for Indie Only Month – as well as more throughout the year.  I can’t get enough of them!

You can read my review of the first Myrtle Clover story I read, A Body In The Backyard, here.

Indie Only Month 2018

From last year’s list, two stories really stand out: Not Famous in Hollywood by Leonie Grant, which was a thoroughly entertaining read, and Winter Prey by T.M. Simmons, a paranormal mystery that once it got going, I struggled to put it down.

You can read my review of Not Famous in Hollywood here, and Winter Prey here.


7 thoughts on “Favourite Books from 5 Years of Indie Only Month

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      • Guess, while I do read loads, I’m not disciplined or structured. I’ll read whatever fiction grabs me, though I do have favourite authors. And I’ll interrupt the fiction to read someone’s thesis on evolution or the nature of the universe or … whatever grabs.

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  2. How wonderful that you’ve been doing this for so long that you can go back and revisit favorites from years ago. I was recently challenged to post seven books I loved on Facebook, and realized that all the ones I thought of were books I’d read prior to starting to write reviews. And my memory is so bad, I’m a little worried! But on the other hand, maybe that’s a good excuse to go back and reread this seven favorites.

    Your favorites always remind me how much I enjoy cozy mysteries, and makes me want to read one. Those are definitely not on my reading priority list this year, though, and I don’t think I have any on my sagging to-read shelves. Still, I’ll put them on my wish list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s an interesting point…I wonder how many of my top favourite reads ever I’ve reviewed on this site…My guess would be, probably not many. I don’t think I’ve reviewed any Tolkien for a start…

      I need my cosy mysteries! They help me when my brain is overloaded and feels like it might explode 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I decided to reread one of my old favorites that I hadn’t read in *decades* and like I said, I was a little worried. Maybe I wouldn’t like it as much now that I’m older, and especially now that I’ve been learning so much about writing. But it’s the opposite: I LOOOOOVE it, and admire how well it’s written even more so now than I did before. It’s John Crowley’s Engine Summer and wow, now I want to read everything else of his too, although how could any book hold a candle to this one?

        Liked by 1 person

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