Book Review: Death At Gallows Green by Robin Paige

Death at Gallow’s Green is book two in The Victorian Mystery series by Robin Paige.

Quick Summary

A charming, entertaining, cosy mystery read, set in a wonderful location, with a fantastic cast of characters. It was fun to have Beatrix Potter – not to mention, some of the characters from her own stories – make an appearance.  5/5

Summary (from back of book)

In Death at Bishop’s Keep, Kathryn Ardleigh captured the interest of detective Sir Charles Sheridan as they solved their first case together.  Now the demise of a local constable and the disappearance of a child have the sleuthing couple on the trail of deadly greed and criminal mischief once again.  And with the help of a shy woman who calls herself Beatrix Potter, Kate intends to uncover the sinister secrets of Gallows Green…

Favourite Quote

Kate wondered who Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle was and why she might be confined.  Was she some incompetent relative, some mad person, perhaps?

(Death at Gallows Green by Robin Paige, pg 18)


In the first book in this series, Death at Bishop’s Keep, not only were we introduced to the main character, Kate Ardleigh, and the regular cast of characters (including Sir Charles Sheridan, Bradford and Ellie Marsden) but thanks to the story’s connection to The Order of The Golden Dawn, a number of famous people from history too: Oscar Wilde, Arthur Conan Doyle and W.B. Yeats.  And so, when I picked up book two in the series I wondered if this theme of using real people would continue.  I was not disappointed…

I’m a big fan of Beatrix Potter’s books, and when I first found out that Beatrix was a character in this book, I wasn’t sure what to think.  It would have been very easy for her inclusion to have come across as cringeworthy or childish even, but I’m pleased to say that this wasn’t the case at all.  She – along with her wonderful creations – were a wonderful addition to the story, and I truly hope to see her again in later books, even if it is only briefly.

This book was so cleverly written.  Many of Beatrix Potter’s characters from her stories made an appearance – a particular favourite being that “foolish duck”, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and of course, Peter Rabbit – whilst other characters in the book were made out to be possible inspiration for others. Such examples were the shady Mr McGregor and his wife, Mrs McGregor, and Mr Tod.

The mystery was engaging and held my attention throughout, and the budding possible romance was sweet, and in places, delightfully comical.  I liked how each chapter began with a quote that in some way relates to that particular chapter.  All-in-all, another entertaining cosy mystery read.

I’m really enjoying this series, so much so that I’ve already started collecting the other books from it – out of sequence, I might add, though I am determined to read them in order.  So far I have Death at Devil’s Bridge, Death on Epsom Downs and Death in Hyde Park…I’ve not yet got the third book, Death at Daisy’s Folly, yet.




6 thoughts on “Book Review: Death At Gallows Green by Robin Paige

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  2. What an interesting twist to the cozy mystery formula, to add in meta-references to real-life authors and their characters. I would have to go back and re-read the Beatrix Potter books first though, as I’ve forgotten almost all about them and I’d want to pick up on all the references. It does make me wonder how far the author can go with incorporating yet more and more famous authors in subsequent books; hard to see how that could be believable after too many. And yet, who cares, if it’s fun!

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    • Yes, it’s certainly is fun! I’m not entirely sure if this is something that only features in the first two books in the series or if it is (successfully) worker through the whole series. I shall have to see… 🙂

      And I would be the same, I would want to get the references or else I would feel like I’m missing out on something…

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  3. More deaths? And I love the idea of Jemina PuddleDuck and co. I’m wondering if they appear as proper people. I would imagine they do. We used to play a game at school: If this person was an animal, which animal would they be? Amazing how many people saw the chemistry teacher as a fox, and a certain one of the PE teachers as a deer. So I find it easy to imagine how the process would work.

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