Book Review: Murder on the Ballarat Train by Kerry Greenwood

Murder on the Ballarat Train is the third book in the Phryne Fisher Mysteries by Kerry Greenwood.

Quick Review (read on for full review)

Addictive and entertaining storytelling, with a wonderful cast of characters and an excellent setting.  Phryne Fisher is fantastic as the bold and sassy private detective. Highly recommended!  5 / 5

Summary (from Goodreads)

When the 1920s’ most glamorous lady detective, the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher, arranges to go to Ballarat for the week, she eschews the excitement of her red Hispano-Suiza racing car for the sedate safety of the train. The last thing she expects is to have to use her trusty Beretta .32 to save lives. As the passengers sleep, they are poisoned with chloroform.
Phryne is left to piece together the clues after this restful country sojourn turns into the stuff of nightmares: a young girl who can’t remember anything, rumors of white slavery and black magic, and the body of an old woman missing her emerald rings. Then there is the rowing team and the choristers, all deliciously engaging young men. At first they seem like a pleasant diversion….

Favourite Quote

Blake really was an excellent poet, Phryne reflected, lighting a cigarette and leaning back on the leather upholstery, though regrettably mad, as poets so often are.

(From Murder on The Ballarat Train by Kerry Greenwood, page 157)


Recently, I’ve hit a bit of reading slump, due I’m sure, to the fact that I’ve spent nearly all of my free time writing and editing, which sometimes has the unfortunate side effect of making me too tired to read of an evening.  I had picked out one book after another from a far too big pile of volumes waiting to be read, only for them to added to a different stack – books I thought I was about to begin reading but didn’t – not long after.  Yet have no fear, Phryne Fisher saved the day!

As soon as I started this third book in the Phryne Fisher Mysteries my reading slump disappeared.  I simply could not stop reading.  I found Murder on the Ballarat Train to be addictive and unputdownable, and I did not stop until I reached the final page.  This was just the book I needed to read.

I love Phryne. She is strong-minded, determined, intelligent, independent and compassionate towards though less fortunate than herself.  She doesn’t take rubbish from anyone, nor is she afraid to go after what she wants, whether or not it is seen as acceptable by wider society, for which she doesn’t really give a fig.  The company she keeps is varied…policemen, college boys, whores…which makes for refreshing, unpredictable plotlines.

The book is set in 1928, and the attention to detail for the period setting, is as always, spot on.  From the clothing Phryne wears to the room furnishings, from the food and drink to the scent the women wear…it surely is decadent, indulgent storytelling.  To offset all the loveliness of the story, there has to be a few darker themes too as it is a murder mystery, but these plot lines were handled sensitively by the author.

This was such a joy to read.  A quick and easy to digest cosy mystery, with an intriguing plot and a wonderfully entertaining cast of characters.  I can’t recommend these books highly enough.  The next book in the series is Death at Victoria Dock…and yes, I’ve already ordered it 😉


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