Books I’ve Acquired – January 2023

  • Writing Popular Fiction – Rona Randall
  • Writing a Thriller by Andre Jute
  • And Only to Decieve by Tasha Alexander
  • Bitten by Kelley Armstrong
  • Will by Christopher Rush
  • Death of Blue Blood (Murder She Wrote) by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

3 thoughts on “Books I’ve Acquired – January 2023

  1. Some fun picks! Of course, you’re probably going to read all or most of them, which is better than what I’ve been up to lately. So far this year I’ve acquired 11 books and only read 3. And to be honest, that first one was mostly read in December and only finished on Jan 1. I really need to set up a new habit of when to read. Now that I’m living with a partner again, it doesn’t seem to fit so nicely into my regular routine — uh-oh.

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    • I *hope* to read them all at some point, but given my past form of acquiring far more books than I could ever read in a dozen lifetimes, that optimism might be a little misplaced 🙂
      I totally understand that. Having other people around does tend to make finding the time to read harder.

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      • And… oops, I just bought another 4 books! Ah well, it’s early in the year. I still theoretically have time to catch up again. 🙂

        The good part is that at least Bill also likes to read, and to have time to write. It’s “just” a matter of finding our new best habits.

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