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Longlisted for The Wattys 2018


Eleri, priestess of the Green Lady, has waited for so long to marry her tribe’s champion, Celyn. Finally, the date is set for Midsummer’s Eve, when the tribes have gathered in the valley to celebrate the longest day at the stone circle perched up on the hill. But nothing is as it seems…

A glimpse of a bird circling over the stones foretells of doom…and maybe even death.

An oath is made. An oath is broken. And Eleri’s life changes forever…

Oathbreaker is a story inspired by ancient history, mythology, and the landscape. Set in the Iron Age, where there is no distinction between history and mythology, and where magic is as real as the ground beneath your feet, Oathbreaker charts the journey of Eleri, Priestess of the Green Lady, and the unusual quest she finds herself forced to make…

If you enjoy historical fiction, myths and legends, fantasy, adventure and romance, you might enjoy this too…


Short Story Review: The Chapel of Death by R. W. White

This short story is set in the picturesque Catalan region of the South of France, and centres around Professor Jacqueline Mouchot, a French forensic anthropologist and American Professor Peter Phillips.

The couple are out exploring the area and decide to visit the small chapel of Notre Dame de la Salette.  This particular chapel remains closed to the public except for the annual Harvest Mass, but knowing the keyholder of the only key to the chapel, they are permitted access.

However, as soon as they open the old door to the chapel, they know something is wrong because of the stench coming from within.  It transpires that there are two dead bodies inside, a young couple, who have been missing since the previous spring.

From the injuries visible it is quickly determined that the man and woman have been murdered, but the chapel only had one exit, which was locked, and two windows which were sealed shut.  And of course, there is only the one key to the door.

Who killed the couple, and why?  What were they doing in the church in the first?  And how did they – and the murderer – get inside if there was only the one key?

What unravels is a complex web of secrets going back years, all of which are suddenly brought into the light of day.

Short Story Review: Sir Thomas and the Abbess Martha by Rosemary Sturge

Sir Thomas and Abbess Martha are both ghosts haunting Mayfield Abbey.  He is boorish, loves money and spends his time counting ‘phantom gold in the strong room of the tower’.  She is virtuous, caring and chooses to remain confined to the original abbey precinct.  They are also harbouring a five hundred year old feud.

Naturally, they don’t get along.

When a television film crew arrive at Mayfield, on the hunt for evidence of ghosts, the two decide to put their differences aside, both agreeing it’s not the sort of thing they want taking place there.

But have they done the right thing?

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story; I even laughed out loud a couple of times as I read it.  It was interesting to read what five hundred year old ghosts might think of ghost hunting, television and celebrities.

The ending felt a little rushed, compared with the pace of the rest of the story, however, it did nothing to detract from my enjoyment of it.  This is a short story I will definitely read again.

This ebook was free to download via Smashwords.

The Magician – Free eBook

The Magician

Andromache Jones has somehow managed to capture the attention of The Magician and finds herself caught up in The Game, his challenge that has very real life and death consequences, and not only for her.  Can she complete the test he has set in the alloted time and live to see another day, or will failure, and The Magician triumph?

The Magician is the dark debut of the Andromache Jones Mystery series.  This is a prelude to the witchy whodunnit series and your chance to get to know the heroine of the books.  .

To read a preview of The Magician, please see this post.

To download your free copy of The Magician, available in a variety of formats, please visit its Smashwords page.

Excerpt from ‘The Magician – An Andromache Jones Mystery’

The metallic taste in her mouth and the lingering chemical odour were the first clues that indicated to Andromache Jones she had been abducted.  In quick succession, other hints followed: the blindfold over her blue eyes; the bindings around her slender wrists.

She was of medium height and not very broad, but she was stronger than she looked.  However, with the aid of a chemical or drug, she would have been easy to overpower.

Sitting as still as she could, Andromache strained to hear the sound of movement that would point to whether she was alone or if there was someone else in the room with her.  She heard nothing; nothing except the sound of her heart pounding in her ears and the repetitive drip-drip of a leaky pipe or tap.

The air was damp and cold, and clung to her purple-streaked, light brown hair that reached her shoulders and stuck out at funny angles when it wasn’t being restrained by a blindfold.  The air also had a peculiar taste to it, or so she thought.  However, her analytical mind quickly accepted that this might be the result of the combined effect of the taste in her mouth, the chemical soreness in her nose and the disorientation of her predicament.

Andromache, or Mac, as she preferred to be called as “Andromache” sounded far too formal and always led to questions about Troy, Prince Hector and The Illiad, had made a few enemies in her twenty-four years of life, and she had annoyed a few more on top of that.  This was directly the consequence of two things: her forays into the world of the private detective and the gifts she had been born with.

By trade, or perhaps destiny depending on which way you looked at it, Mac was a psychic.  However, her love of mysteries and puzzles had naturally pushed her towards helping out her policeman boyfriend on a few of his cases.  This led to his quick advancement up the ranks and inflamed her desire to solve conundrums and crime, with the aid of her psychic gifts, naturally.

Mac was not clairvoyant; she didn’t see the dead.  She was sometimes capable of clairaudience where she could receive messages and guidance from a spirit in the form of speech, but this was quite a rare occurrence.  She was however, clairsentient; she could feel the presence of the dead.  Nevertheless, these abilities did not really help her in the pursuit of answers.  The tarot cards, crystal ball and pendulum on the other hand, very much did.

She had played her part in the capture of murderers, drug dealers, burglars and even a bank robber.  She had located lost children, stolen jewellery and once a kidnapped tenth generation pedigree dachshund.  Of course, her involvement in such cases was kept very much out of the public eye; she did not seek fame and the police did not want their association to become public knowledge.

However, that did not mean that others outside of these circles were oblivious to Mac’s role in such cases, as her current dilemma seemed to prove.  Mac wracked her brain, trying to think of who could have done this to her and yet it seemed somewhat of an over-reaction for most of the cases she had been involved with, especially recently.  So she turned her attention away from the world of sleuthing, instead focusing on her other area of employment.

From her little cottage in the village of Bramblesgrove, Mac ran River Gardens Mystical Service, from which she dispensed herbal medicine, periodically taught yoga, offered readings, and as a member of the Coven of the Silver Star, an international coven network, cast spells.  She regularly taught classes and wrote literature on metaphysical subjects, and within this circle, she was deemed quite famous, much to her embarrassment.

Yet here also enemies lurked, in the form of other witches jealous of her abilities and her success.  Sure, some of them would like to see my luck change, she mused, but would any of them go to the length of kidnapping me?


To continue reading, why not visit The Magician’s Smashwords page (click here) to download the free ebook?  (Available in a variety of formats).  All comments and feedback warmly welcomed below.  If you are generous enough to review The Magician, please let me know so that I can add a link to it from my blog (see Contact Sammi Cox, on the top right of the page).

Excerpt from ‘The Crystal Skull’

Andromache stood at one of the lobby’s windows that overlooked the car park, watching the snow fall. It didn’t matter how many times you had seen it snow, it was magical and enchanting every time. Its ability to throw a pure white blanket over everything, masking the stains of the old, dirty snow, offering a fresh page and a new start, lifted her spirit. It was a good idea to come here, she thought. Some time away to let me clear my head and things will be as right as rain soon enough.

Mac’s reverie was interrupted by raised voices only seconds before the doors from the restaurant crashed open. In a nonchalant fluster – if such a thing were possible – the proprietor of Crystal Om was doing her best to calm down a tall, thin, angry lady.

‘You will give me what you promised, or so help me…I’ll…I’ll…’ The lady’s dark hair, cut into sharp bob, shook with every word she spoke, the ire rising up in her clearly evident.

‘It was a mistake. They happen. I have done all in my power to fix it, Miss Francis. I can do no more. And please do not get yourself so angry; your aura is hinting at violence, my dear,’ Tilly replied, casually attempting to sweep away the issue that had upset one of the resident’s so, in the same fashion, it occurred to Mac, as her floor-length tie-dyed skirt swept across the floor.

‘Do not presume to understand my aura. I am here for the skull, and only the skull. You can keep your made-up mumbo-jumbo for the other fools. Now fix my booking.’

‘There is nothing I can do. You will either take this alternative room with a refund, or take your refund and find somewhere else to stay.’

They both paused to look out of the window at the heavy snow that was falling. It was only then that they realised that Andromache was in the room with them during their heated exchange.

‘It seems I have no choice, does it,’ Miss Francis hissed before storming out of the lobby.

In her temper she slammed the door leading to the guest suites so hard that its vibrations caused a rather large crystal display to tumble off its table and crash on to the floor, fracturing into pieces.

Mac hurried over to help pick up what she could.

‘All this over a double-booking, Tilly?’ Mac inquired as she lifted up a particularly large crystal specimen. Tilly was an old friend of Mac’s mother, Medea, and she had been coming here to Crystal Om for some years, both with her mother and sister, and on her own. When she had turned up at the doors of the retreat, she knew that Tilly would not ask why she was there; Tilly was not very often concerned with matters of the real world for she was rather ditsy in her way. It was for this reason that she knew the secret of her whereabouts was safe, at least for a time. And only if her mother didn’t call.

‘Miss Francis doesn’t take many things lightly, Andromache, not even an accidental double-booking, but it’s more than that. She’s angry because she wanted the room closest to Leaping Lizard’s skull.’ Leaping Lizard was Tilly’s Mayan spirit guide. ‘Those rooms are all taken, so I booked her in on the second floor. Apparently that isn’t good enough.’

‘Oh, does she have any interest in such things?’ Mac asked, referring to skull, the highly prized main attraction displayed in the Exhibition Centre.

‘Have any interest? The woman is obsessed! Did you know – now I don’t partake of gossip, as you are well aware – but she – Miss Francis – was arrested in Madrid last year for interfering with a crystal skull exhibition?’


‘Yes. Hit a curator, I heard. The charges were dropped, naturally, and now she is plaguing me and upsetting Leaping Lizard. He dislikes her attitude, you know. I was doing my usual channelling last night, and played the recording back this morning to find that he is very worried about the negative energy Miss Francis is giving off at the moment. He thinks it might lead to a catastrophe of some sort.’

‘What kind of catastrophe?’

‘Oh you know these Mayans, very dramatic, not to sound so flipant at such a great man’s warning. But a minor earthquake or volcanic eruption was his prediction, at the very least.’ Tilly’s eager eyes almost sparkled at the prospect, her numerous metal bracelets jangling together as she moved when she spoke.

‘An earthquake or volcanic eruption here, in North Wales?’

‘Stranger things happen at sea,’ Tilly replied, before disappearing through another door in search of a dustpan and brush, leaving Mac alone to wonder if Tilly had finally lost the plot.

An Amazing Review of The Magician!

My thanks go out this morning to the wonderful Anthony over at I Spider.  When I checked what little goodies were waiting for me in my reader this morning (something that I haven’t done for a few days), I was astounded, humbled, overjoyed to find this:


The Magician A Taste of the Andromache Jones Mysteries.  A Review

One of my favourite bloggers is SAMMIWITCH. A real life Witch who talks about… well, Witchy stuff. Apart from being a Witch and a very nice person Sammi is also the author of a series of books called the ANDROMACHE JONES MYSTERIES.


THE MAGICIAN is a short introduction into the world of Andromache Jones, a modern day ‘Renaissance woman’ who uses witchcraft, ingenuity and courage to help solve crimes.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading THE MAGICIAN. It’s light, fun and at the same time has a sense of impending doom that really drives the book along. I was there with the heroin every step of the way as she raced against time. Loved the location, the small town I could see in my head reminded me of the rural areas they shot the TV series ‘The Saint, Simon Templar’.

I think you can download a free copy of THE MAGICIAN Here. I’m looking forward to the rest in the series. Without giving too much away I think I can say that the next time Andromache Jones meets the Magician it won’t be for a friendly game of chess.

Thanks for the read SAMMIWITCH.


So many, many thanks Anthony.  This review has made my day!

Wishing you all the Brightest of Blessings