Interview with Lauren Willmore, Writer and Book Cover Designer

Sammi Cox

For the last three Fridays I have been posting instalments of an interview with author Crispina Kemp.  This week, we get to chat with Lauren Willmore, writer and book cover designer.  You will have already seen her beautiful work gracing the front covers of Crispina’s The Spinner’s Game series and I think we can all agree, they are stunning…

Let’s get to the interview and meet Lauren.

Interview with Lauren Willmore, Writer and Book Cover Designer

To begin with, for those who have yet to discover your book cover designs and writing, please introduce yourself.

I’ve been writing and designing as long as I can remember. While in writing I stick to fantasy novels, design I vary. I design book covers, but also greeting cards, brochures, wedding stationery, I paint, and bake elaborate cakes (as featured on my blog).

What made you decide to become a book cover designer and…

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Interview with Crispina Kemp, author of The Spinner’s Game – Part 1

Sammi Cox

You may have seen the interview with Crispina Kemp I shared a few weeks ago from my book review blog, Sammi Loves Books. Now I get to share with you an epic three-part interview with Crispina, as we talk about her soon-to-be released five book historical fantasy series, The Spinner’s Game.

The first part of the interview can be found below, where Crispina answers some questions on writing the series, the main character, Kerrid, and where the story is set. Tune in next Friday for Part 2, when we turn our attention to magic and mythology, amongst other things…

Part 1: Introducing an Epic Series

You’ve just released a five-book fantasy series for pre-order, The Spinner’s Game.  Could you please introduce the series for those not yet acquainted with it.

Simplest said is the starting premise: To be different is to be feared, and people destroy what they fear…

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Advance Notice: Closing to Review Requests 14 September 2018

Just a quick note…I’ve decided to close to review requests on 14 September 2018 and in all likelihood won’t be opening them again until 2019.  So, if you would like to see your book / chapbook / pamphlet / collection etc. reviewed on Sammi Loves Books in 2018 please do get in touch.
To help things along, I now have an email address for you to contact me on, which makes things easier, I think:
For more information on review requests, (updated August 2018, to include author interviews), click here.


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