Book Review: The Mystery of Woman: A Book for Men by Gabriel Morris

The Mystery of Woman by Gabriel Morris

I have never read a book on relationships, so was unsure as to what to expect from this offering.  Although the title of the book would suggest that The Mystery of Woman is aimed solely at men, it is not.  This book is suitable for female readers also.

The purpose of the book is to demystify that which is ‘woman’ – what women want, think, love, feel and need, in the hope that men may get a better grasp and attain a deeper understanding of the women in their lives, ultimately leading to richer, more rewarding relationships. However, it is also an interesting read for the woman trying to understand herself, or even the man in her life.

The book is divided into three sections.  Part 1: Yin vs. Yang, is written by the author, in which he explains, drawing from his own experiences, the fundamentally different aspects of masculine and feminine perspectives and energies, and tries to bring them closer together:

“…men are not all masculine and yang, and women are not all feminine and yin.”

Part 2: Women Speak and Part 3: The Yang Perspective are made up of a selection of essays written by various male and female authors on the subject of relationships, titles of which include Cosmic UnionHow to Love a GoddessA Journey of Love and Learning and How I Love my Wife, offering an array of perspectives on relationships, from the viewpoint of both men and women.

The Mystery of Woman is certainly a thought-provoking read, especially for those who would like to get more out of their relationship.

This book is available as a paperback and an ebook from Soul Rocks.