Short Story Review: Norfolk Twilight by M.L. Eaton

Summary (from Goodreads)

A short, but magical, haunting tale of country ways, adventure, loss and love.Two friends are sitting, amicably silent, in the dusk of a winter’s day, when the atmosphere around them changes. Soon a story of love, loss and adventure unfolds, with unexpected consequences for them both.

Favourite Quote

Dusk crept in early from beneath the lowering brow of a winter sky.


An enjoyable read that cleverly weaves tales of the past and the present together.  I liked how the stories seamlessly flowed from one to the other.

This is not a ghost story; there are no tense spooky passages that will make you jump.  However, it is a story of ghosts, where memories of what has gone before are remembered by the fabric of the building in which they were made.

The story is rich in evocative description that gently pulls you into the story. My favourite quote (see above) is the opening line of the tale, and illustrates this perfectly.

Norfolk Twilight is an intelligent, beautifully written short story. I would happily read more from this author.


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Short Story Review: A Ghost’s Guide to Haunting Humans by Sarina Dorie

Ever wondered if ghosts are naturally talented when it comes to haunting?  Or whether they need a little tutoring to ensure they create a haunting to remember?  If the answer is ‘yes’, then this guide might be found on a student-ghost’s recommended reading list.

A Ghost’s Guide to Haunting Humans is an amusing, very quick read, teaching ghosts how to haunt the living properly.

Included are eight tips, focusing on a number of areas, such as how to be original and avoid clichés, how to be creative and how to make a lasting impression.

This short story was downloaded for free from Smashwords.