Afternoon Tea at Sammi Loves Books (Author Interviews)

If you read my Bookish Reflections – January 2019 post, you will recall that I’m hoping to start a new feature on the site…Afternoon Tea at Sammi Loves Books, otherwise known as Author Interviews.  It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now, but I’ve never really had the time to dedicate to it.  However, with the implementation of my new schedule, that time has been found.  As you may have noticed, Mondays has become my set day for posting book reviews, whilst on Fridays I’ve been posting other book-related posts.  This means that (unless there is a serious amount of interest and it requires its own day), these Afternoon Tea posts will also be posted on Fridays alternating with the other book-related features.

I’ve tried to break down all the relevant information below.  If you have any other questions, ask and I will do my best to answer…

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~ FAQs ~

What sort of questions will be asked?

There is a set list of ten questions (some have multiple parts) and they cover writing, reading, and of course, afternoon tea – all the important things.  It shouldn’t take too long to answer them.

I’m only published on my blog.  Will you interview me?

These interviews are aimed at writers and poets, at whatever stage of their writing journey, and published in each and every way – traditionally published, self-published, published via a small press, on a blog, website or social media, in short story or poetry anthologies, or via a writing platform such as Wattpad or Sweek. As long as it is possible to direct readers to somewhere they can read your work, I will happily interview you.

I would like to be interviewed.  What do I need to do?

Send an email to On receipt of your email, I’ll send you the list of questions and outline what else you might wish to send (social media links, book cover images, etc).

Your responses can be returned to me in the body of an email, in a Word document / .rtf / PDF.  Whatever is easier for you.

My book is being released soon / I’m putting together a blog tour…

I’ll happy schedule an interview (and other related posts if required) to help you with your book launch or blog tour.  Just get in touch at the above email address and I’ll do all I can to support you.

What if I decide I don’t like the interview?

If once the interview has been posted on this site, you decide you don’t like it or no longer want it on the site, for whatever reason, just let me know and I will take it down as soon as I am able.

Or, if once the interview has been posted, you decide there are some changes you would like to make to your answers, I will happily make them for you.  All you need do is get in touch.

You’ve already interviewed me.  Can I be interviewed again?

Of course! There is now a second set of afternoon tea interview questions put together for this very purpose. So if you’ve something you wish to share, such as a new book release, and more than six months has passed since I posted the first interview, please feel free to get in touch.

~ Index of Interviews ~