Book Cover Love #5

Company of Liars by Karen Maitland

I love all of Karen Maitland’s stories that I’ve read.  She is, I think one of the best historical writers writing today.  And, I love the covers of her books as well as the tales inside of them.  They always ooze medieval eeriness…

I’m planning on re-reading The Owl Killers and posting a review of it in the not-so-distant future (I hope!).  It was this book that first introduced me to Maitland’s wonderful storytelling abilities, but the focus of this post is perhaps the book she is most widely known for…Company of Liars.

The cover art is simply amazing.  The colour, size and style of the lettering quickly create a feeling of the historical but it is the wolf’s head with the crosses and skulls and the runes, etc. that truly evoke a medieval atmosphere as well as the fear that naturally accompanied the spread of the plague.  This is certainly one of my favourite book covers of all time.

You can read my review of Company of Liars, posted on this site in August 2014, here.  Or visit my A-Z Review Index to find links to other Karen Maitland books I’ve reviewed.


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