Indie Only Month

Indie Only

About Indie Only Month

First held at Sammi Loves Books in July 2014, Indie Only Month is a reading challenge set by myself, for myself, dedicating a whole month of my book year to only reading works published by indie authors. It is my way to show my support for hardworking indie authors – it’s not easy writing, editing and marketing a book all by yourself!

Below you will find a list of the books I’ve read and reviewed for Indie Only Month each year.

For more information about having your work reviewed as part of this reading challenge, check out the Review Requests page.  From poetry and micro-fiction to full length novels that have been independently published or posted on Wattpad, I enjoy reading most things!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Indie Only Month 2021

Indie Only Month 2020

Indie Only Month 2019

Indie Only Month 2018

Indie Only Month 2017

Indie Only Month 2016

Indie Only Month 2015

Indie Only Month 2014


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