Short Story Review: Assassin in the Abbey by EH Walter

This captivating short story is set during the coronation of William the Conqueror at Westminster Abbey.  For such a short tale, it is crammed with historic detail and manages to clearly capture the tensions between the conquering Normans and the conquered Saxons, highlighting the difference between the two, both in language and in the law.  The legal standing of women under each is even mentioned.

The only criticism I have with this short story – which is hardly a criticism at all – is that it wasn’t long enough.  That being said, the story was a complete, captivating read, one that hints that there is the possibility of further stories in this direction from the author.  Or perhaps, I am just seeing what I want to see… 🙂

I can’t recommend this short story highly enough.  If you are looking for a quick historical yarn, I suggest that you consider downloading this from Smashwords.


One thought on “Short Story Review: Assassin in the Abbey by EH Walter

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