Short Story Review: A Christmas Oath by Vicki Hopkins

It is a few weeks before Christmas and Elizabeth Dutton and her mother have been invited to the annual Christmas Eve party at Darley Hall.  However, Elizabeth is not full of the joys of the season.  Having recently had her heartbroken by Francis Oldham, Elizabeth is in fact quite miserable.  Even suing him for breach of promise of marriage three months before didn’t make her feel any better.  In fact, the truth of the matter is, she is still in love with him.

She agrees to attend the Christmas Eve function only because she believes that her hosts would not have done anything quite as silly as invite Francis.  And yet, the evening turns into a disaster…one mishap follows another, until something quite miraculous happens…

Although I knew this was a historical romance when I began reading this short story, and knew that somehow Elizabeth and Francis would end up back together (it is implied in the book description), I was intrigued how such a thing could come about.  They had both been publicly embarrassed by the other and so the reason behind them reuniting I believed would have to be quite good to make it seem possible.  That being said, it was, and it was something that I didn’t expect which made the story all the more likeable.

I found the historical notes at the end of the story extremely interesting.  It is clear as you read A Christmas Oath that the author had spent a significant amount of time researching the history behind her story.

There were a few tiny things that niggled me which didn’t seem appropriate to the time the story was set or where it was set, but in the great scheme of things, they were easy to overlook.  Overall, I enjoyed reading this short story and would certainly read more by this author in the future.

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